Toyota Central Motors

Dealer of Toyota, under the name of World Auto Centre, Since the establishment of IMC, Karachi, in 1991 we built a new showroom, under the name of Toyota Central Motors!


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Mr. Saleem Godil
CEO Toyota Central Motors & Toyota Society Motors
The business environment especially for automobile service industry in our country demands continuously response to customer needs. We have been able to build long and entertaining relationship with our customers by providing them with the highest satisfaction level. The foundation of our company is customer satisfaction. Our goals & procedures are in favor of the customers and we continuously find ease for our customers. Today, we are taking our strategy to the next level with the idea of providing Express Maintenance services “Just-in-Time” the new guiding rule in the Toyota System to achieve high level of customers’ satisfaction. We believe we have a unique combination of expertise, technology and outsourcing capabilities and will draw upon these advantages to create life -time value for our customers.

We have an unbeatable team of people from a wide range of backgrounds who generate a continuous stream of new ideas every day. The pace at which we work and the size and variety of projects that we work on, create a truly dynamic environment for outstanding career development.

Rafique Godil
Director Toyota Central Motors & Toyota Society Motors
Implementation of ERP is very important in every business today to increase efficiency. We at Toyota Central & Toyota Society Motors are using a complete ERP for automobile named as Autopilot that covers all business operations handled by an automobile dealer ship , designed & implemented by our sister concern G-Tech that is specialized in providing tailor made solution to automobile, textile and other area. The ERP covers all areas that includes order taking and fulfillment ,information sharing, contact management ,inventory monitoring ,sales forecast analysis, vehicle service process operation. CRM, today’s world, is the most critical element for Customer Retentions.
Autopilot also comprises of CRM that includes vehicle history, customer history, reminder system for keeping customer
informed about their vehicle and services & follow-ups system for seeking customer feed back on services provided
Metrwhich enhance customer loyalty and also assist in improving corporate image.

Rafique Godil
Director Toyota Central Motors & Toyota Society Motors
As the Director of Toyota Central Motors and Toyota Society Motors in Karachi Pakistan, I am determined to execute the Toyota Way which is founded upon two main pillars- Continuous Improvement and Respected for People. We can never be satisfied with where we are and are always trying to improve our business though new ideas and greater and greater efforts. We respect all those who work with us and know that success comes not through individual effort but thru effective team work.

Rafique Godil
General Manager Sales Toyota Central Motors.
We seek to become the most successful and respected Dealership of Toyota in Pakistan. Our process is designed in accordance with the Toyota Way in Sales & Marketing to satisfy customers by offering the very best purchasing and ownership experience. We always keep our customers in mind and always see thing from customer’s point of view as our sales increase.

General Manager Service Toyota Central Motors.
Our aims to strengthen the foundation of after sales services to ensure that Toyota Standard Services is provided to the customers and work with Indus Motors company for up gradation of Services Operations to prepare business growth and provide the best after sales services for Toyota to become # 1 brand in Pakistan. We believe Toyota Services advantage makes driving a Toyota & Daihatsu Cuore even more economical. To Own a Toyota is a matter of pride and pleasure for customer when he gets prefect repairs would be conducted in the shortest time at a price that gives them the best value.

Senior General Manager Parts Toyota Central Motors.
I would like to say that our genuine Spare Parts business continues to suffer from under invoicing and smuggling. A proper part valuation process is required for importing parts which are not manufactured in Pakistan.
If you've invested in a new Toyota, then I would suggest keeping it 100 per cent Genuine with Toyota Genuine Spare Parts & Accessories easily available at our Toyota Central Motors & Toyota Society Motors authorized dealers of Indus Motors Company. Defects caused to your Toyota due to a fitment of non-Genuine Spare Parts & accessories is not covered by the Toyota Vehicle Warranty.
Spare Parts & Accessories are designed and manufactured to comply with Toyota's stringent engineering and testing standards for maximum quality assurance.


General Manager Customer Relations & Tsure.
Our ongoing effort in supporting of vehicle sales and after-sales services activities to promote customer retention. After-sales service is an important tool that ensures stable profit for our company.”
Toyota CR Activity Ideals as assigned by Indus Motors Company with the view of Toyota Global Customer Relations Standards is to open a larger window for customers; Swift and sure handling of “Inquiries & Complaints”; Making the “Voice of Customer” the basis for corporate renewal; improving corporate image and better informing customers to support Sales & Service activities.
For this we do our best to satisfy each customer by sensing his or her feeling and respecting them as persons in all our
dealing with them.

Sr. Manager Accounts & Executive Member HR committee.
We at Toyota Central Motors give top most priority to our customer. We start this from inception i.e. from hiring & recruitment of staff. We only hire on MERIT. We check talent, loyalty & honesty because only loyal & talented employees can give best services to the customers. We do not keep limits on expenses when it comes to providing excellent services. Our Ideal Customer Relations Department is an example of it..